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11.5-12 lbs of incredible marbling on our tender Pikes Peak Roast. Priced at just $8 a lb, cook it low and slow to to give your friends and family a perfect meal.



Remember, our beef is all Non-Hormone Treated, Verified Natural, and CARE Certified. Graded Prime, which is the best of the best!

Dry-Aged 21 days. For reference, beef from the grocery store is dry-aged 24-32 hours.

What is dry aging?

Dry aging is the process by which large cuts of beef are aged for anywhere from several weeks to several months before being trimmed and cut into steaks. It's a process that not only helps the steak develop flavor, but also makes it far more tender than it would be completely fresh.

Pikes Peak Roast (11.5 lbs)

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