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Two Daughters Meat Co.
Third-Party Verified

What is third-party verification?

When we say we are third-party verified it means we have an independent, third-party verification company - Where Food Comes From - visit our ranch and verify that we are meeting requirements to specific standards so you can be confident in the claims we make related to the beef you're purchasing from us.  Who audits the company? The USDA does!  

So when we say Non-Hormone Treated, Verified Natural and CARE Certified, you know we aren't just saying it, someone has made sure we're doing things exactly the way we say we are!

An onsite audit is conducted by an independent auditor on annual basis.

Source Verified

An electronic identification (EID) tag is placed in every animals ear that will track them from our ranch throughout the supply chain.  


CARE Certified

Where Food Comes From CARE Certified is a sustainability Standard that encompasses Animal Care, Environmental Stewardship and People & Community. 


Our beef is raised Sustainably From the Heart.


Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)

NHTC is Source and Age approved and then the auditor reviews documentation, processes and facilities to ensure we are not implanting our cattle with hormones at any point.


Verified Natural Beef

Verified Natural Beef is Source and Age verified and NHTC approved, but it also ensures we have never given our cattle beta agonists, ionophores, antibiotics or animal by-products.

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