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When you don’t know what to choose, we’ll choose it for you! The A Lot of Everythjng Premium Box lets you sample a multitude of options. This box is a 22% discount!*

(2) Sirloins

(2) Strips

(2) Short Rib

(2) Roast (Chuck or Arm)

(2) Summer Beef (choose original or jalapeño cheddar)

(2) Bratwurst

Round Steak (3-pack)

4 lbs Ground Beef

If there are items out of stock, we will replace it with something equivalent to the best of our ability. We will chat with you one-on-one to find something you love!

Everything is not pictured, because, well, it doesn’t fit! 😜

*Discount codes do not apply.

“A Lot of Everything” Premium Box

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